Wednesday, August 06, 2014

What's mine.

You can't lose what you've never had,
You can't keep what's not yours,
You can't hold on to someone who refuses to stay.

What is eventually yours, will always find their way back to you.
Somehow when you grow up,your priority changes.
And those little things we cant compromise, it was never a big deal back then, but its a huge different now.

When people comes into your life, you already know that someday, they will be gone. Is it sooner or later, thats what we never know.
The feeling itself comes from God, and it goes away from any heart by God's will.

Can I question, was it even mine from the start? What if, it is only a temporary feeling God gave to us in order to learn about life and grow up? So, can I call its mine when I already know that the greatest planner is Allah?

It was never really mine, from the start.
There is always a silver lining behind every occurrence.
Thank you Allah.

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