Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Thursday, October 07, 2010


ok ape tuh??
ni laa tempat ak posting kalo nk tao..
full name dia~

Woosh like seriously??
yupp,kerja ngan tentera!!
haha..we'll see how things goin on here :)

anyway wish me luck !!

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Memories are the best souvenirs.

Never be sad for what is over,
just be glad that it was once yours.

Trying to forget someone you love
is like trying to remember
someone you never knew.

"How Can You Be Friends With Someone
If Everytime You Look At Them
It Makes You Want Them Even More?"

The part that hurts me the most,
is knowing that I once had you
and then lost you..
At least be there to wipe away my tears
if you're going to make me cry.

You will never know true happiness,
until you have truly loved,
and you will never understand,
what pain really is,
until you have lost it.

Thursday, September 02, 2010


bila 1 note tu kemain full ngan tulisan..
but it only feel like staring at a blank paper...
when you read you had nothing to be push inside ur brain..
and you even careless about what happen?
dan rase cm kalo x pass exam ni pun ok je...hahaha


yess...ape2 je laa..
dh r mood nk raye~~ yg ak tao nk pack brg n cpat blik umah..
kalo cpat cuti cepatla exam(!) which i hate,,haiz!
tgal hari ini je...utk ak menelaah segala info..x..x..
bukan info..its FACTS!! xbley diputarkan ayatnye..
ouh subjek pharmacology..dh keturunan ke-3 ko dh ak blaja..
nape la ko ni payah sgt..keturunan ko yg seblum ni ok je..

plizz..pliz...pliz..be kind to me...
esok pg2 7.30 (tyme ak salu tido) ak kne ,mghadap
segala soalan2 yg "masuk akal" mengenai ko..
lastly dgn harapan ak bdoa agar Dr.Suresh Kumar kasila soalan yg senang2 je..oke?
ala...dia pun msti xsabar nk cuti blik india en..even dia xberaya..
huhu..ok ckup laa ak mengarut..g blaja pulak..

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

It hurts but it may be the only way...

It is so easy to see
Dysfunction between you and me
We must free up these tired souls
Before the sadness kills us both

I tried and tried to let you know
I love you but I'm letting go
It may not last but I don't know
Just don't know

If you don't know
Then you can't care
And you show up
But you're not there
But I'm waiting
And you want to
Still afraid that I will desert you

With every worthless word we get more far away
The distance between us makes it so hard to stay
But nothing lasts forever, but be honest babe
It hurts but it may be the only way

A bed that's warm with memories
Can heal us temporarily
The misbehaving only makes
The ditch between us so damn deep

Built a wall around my heart
I’ll never let it fall apart
But strangely I wish secretly
It would fall down while I'm asleep

If you don't know
Then you can't care
And you show up
But you're not there
But I'm waiting
And you want to
Still afraid that I will desert you, babe

With every worthless word we get more far away
The distance between us makes it so hard to stay
But nothing lasts forever, but be honest babe
It hurts but it may be the only way

Tough we have not hit the ground
It doesn't mean we're not still falling,
Oh I want so bad to pick you up
But you're still too reluctant to accept my help
What a shame, I hope you find somewhere to place the blame
But until then the fact remains

With every worthless word we get more far away
The distance between us makes you so hard to stay
Nothing lasts forever, but be honest babe
It hurts but it may be the only way

With every worthless word we get more far away
The distance between us makes it so hard to stay
But nothing lasts forever, but be honest babe
It hurts but it may be the only way

Monday, August 30, 2010

happy hour..

mcm shopping...
mcm sushi king lak..
men adew happy hour ni en...hehee ;)

gendang gendut tali kecapi..
kenyang perut suka hati..... ;))

did someone breaks ur heart inside..

you're in ruin...

2years 9 month 4days..
the journey never bored...


Friday, August 27, 2010

a cup of tea,a smile on face ;)

1. People who use their "brain" to work or students who study hard
day and night
- should drink more
Chrysanthemum Tea.

2. People who need a lot of body energy to work or those people
that do a lot of exercise everyday
- should drink
Wu Loong Tea.

3. People who travel on a bike or work in dirty and polluted places
- should drink
Green Tea.

4. For those people who likes to sit down all day long and not doing
anything even exercising
- must drink
Green Tea and Flower Tea.

5. People who smoke and drink a lot of alcoholic drinks
- should drink more
Green Tea.

6. Carnivore ( those people who must eat meat at least once a
day, or feel sick or not feeling well
- try to drink some
Wu Loong Tea.

7. Those people who go to the washroom too often or too less
- should drink more
Honey Tea

8. People with high cholesterol and high blood pressure
Wu Loong Tea, Green Tea.

9. Those who work with computers everyday
- need to drink a
Lot of Tea (any tea will do).

Monday, August 23, 2010

begin to ♥

hehhee ;)
nk kate fully pky tudung biasanya kua jalan2,,
g lepak ngan kawan..
g dating ke,,
g mane2 function ke..
biasenye xde la ak ni bertudung litup -.-'

kalo g kelas or sometimes knduri or bila mak ak ckp
"pky la tudung for g sini or sane"
baru la ak pky tudung..

tapi en,,tgok org pky syria shawl n shawl kaler2 tu
cm seronok lak ak tgok..hehhe..
cun en?? cm ceria gla!
saje je nk ckp..tapi tggu la seru bila ak nk pky btol2 k.. ;P

Saturday, August 21, 2010

at last!

hey *shineysyue*
huhu..how long it had been since my last post???
me myself sndri x igt.. -.-

ok after pindah umah tu mmg sengsara..
coz dh r internet xde..then~
ade pulak prob ngan hal2 internet ni...
ape2 hal pun..supaya x termengumpat org kat blog ni..
1 ayat je nk ckp..

"tlg r jgn selfish sgt bley x?"

n at last dapat gak kitorg internet ni after wat sendri...
n xmengharap kat org yg lpas tgn..

n bulan puasa ni full sgt schedule..
dh r byk plan tertunggak..krisis kewangan lg..
fuhhh~ naseb r dugaan bulan puasa en..
sabar syue sabar ;))

Friday, July 16, 2010

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

the last goodnight ;)


hurm xtahu nk gmbarkan cmne...
sedey coz kne tgalkan hostel kira terbaek la
for 2 years~~

now pindah pulak T.T
LYL..katne tuh?? somewhere in cheras...
diz friday kne pindah..
and for positive reason
lucky,,kitorg still with org yg same ;))

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

temperature rising..eclipse fever.. ;))

I miss you when you’re not there. When you’re happy, it makes me happy. But I could say the same thing about Charlie, Jacob. You’re family. I love you, but I’m not in love with you.

(Bella Swan, Eclipse, Chapter 15, p.329)

Do you really have any idea how important you are to me? Any concept at all of how much I love you?

(Edward Cullen, Eclipse, Chapter 1, p.34)

If I think about you tonight, it will be because I’m having a nightmare.
(Bella Swan, Eclipse, Chapter 15, p.333)

I’ll never forgive myself for leaving you. Not if I live a hundred thousand years.
(Edward Cullen, Eclipse, Chapter 1, p.33)

Saturday, July 03, 2010

definitely LOVE to have it xD

dh berapa lama x g shoppin?? ;(
BZ+0(MONEY)= nak menangis ak tgok semua pics ni T.T

this half boot!!!

the black lace cardi,,ouh *on the way*

white chambray shirt on her *checked*

xpelaa..window shopping thru internet je laa ;))

Friday, July 02, 2010


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

weekend ni agak bored..i noe its early
to confess since it was only friday by now..
tapi member ak,,roomie smua chow blik umah..
posting 3 bulan lbey kat umah dh..
so,mak ak kate stay je la cheras..xpyh susah2 -.-'
naseb la esok mak ak nk dtg..kne ajak kua g somewhere ni..
arrhh,,xkire ugak..kne gak fmily kua!!!
jusco cheras selatan pown jadi la..ok r tu en??

by now,,saya yg ngah bosan nih..
merajinkan dri men game facebook..
currently bz wit SOCIAL CITY..best weyh!
then blog-ing coz next monday im gonna stuck with
LOTS OF CLASSES,babeyh..yupp..
then,,kmas2 locker bilik ak..xbsar mane pown..
n plus it is REAL SMALL for me -.-'

"dlm bosan2 nih ade x ak mention ak lapar??
yess,,mmg tgah lapar..tapi.....
terasa malas nk masak..n now perot dh mula
secreting excessive stomach acid..
its a sign i gotta lift up my butt n head to kitchen ;))"

Thursday, July 01, 2010

i count every moment..told ya!

this july...

the countdown ;)

the new sem *great*

the morning alarm for clases *real great*

the result of previous sem *damn great*

my brother birthday ;P

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

kebarangkalian dan possibilities

its weird when you refuse things that you really want..
its weirder when you reject someone you really like...
it most weird when you thought you're single while u r in love...

mood xda~~ cmner ni??? ;((

plizzz..tolong lahh mood..dtg la padaku,,
next week dh start kelas t dh bz..
new sem ngan new lecturer..
smua import india mari...
ouh my~

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

nature call ;)

dari ulat jadi kepompong
tidur lena dalam kelongsong
sampai masa kepompong pecah,POMM!
jadilah rama-rama nan indah...

rama-rama terbang merata
sungguh cantik aneka warna
hisap madu di pohon bunga
tapi sayang hidup tidak lama...

*rindu lagu zmn tadika*

Monday, June 21, 2010


selamat di cheras ;)
n setelah 3 bulan lebey x jejak kolej..
final exam is comin..my turn on diz friday ;))


Friday, June 18, 2010

boys born with maths brain,huh??? -.-'?

“Boys are better than girls in mathematics”; a generally-believed statement. However, there is no scientific evidence to prove it. More boys than girls call mathematics their favorite subject, and statistics show that their grades are higher than girls’. What’s more, boys participate in more extracurricular math activities, such as summer math schools and math competitions. The truth is that more boys than girls claim to like math but, can we assume that this happens because they are “better” at it?

The truth can be found in the following sentence: boys are better at math because they are more fond of the subject. But is there a reason to explain boys’ preferences? Some scientists explain it based on the different functions between the right and left sides of the brain (the right side’s function is higher in males) or based on statistic researches showing that boys have a better understanding of space On the contrary, if a child loses interest in this field because it was never given the right motive to explore it, it is more likely to fail.

According to research, when girls are asked how they feel about mathematics, they reply that:
1. Math is an unknown field for them, so they are afraid of failure;
2. They are not sure of math’s purpose;
3. Math doesn’t fit in the ideal image they have created for themselves;

4. They are not aware of their potential. They don’t feel confident about solving problems;.

p/s: number 2 might be my answer if people asked me.y i hate math.. ;P

Thursday, June 17, 2010

white always get stain.black remain the same

so tujuan mem-blog arini...
mengutuk insan keji >(

geram tul ak...
arini date line nk anta keje..
isnin dpan nk present...
punyala terkapai2 xde idea nk wat..
dlm diam2 ade org dh dpt contoh segala kerja tuh..
the best part~
sir bg soh sebar n tunjuk
kat 1 batch..tapi ape dia wat???
simpan n copy for diri sendri .. son of bitch!
pastu pass kat geng sndri...
mmg sial la grrrr

anyway sorry r...
tapi ak mmg panas sgt ni....
suhu dh 100 darjah celcius..
mendidih je..

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

the forever n ever bored situation... -.-'

pnah x korg rase bosannnn yg amat sgt cm ak rase skrg???
sampai dah xtahu nk wat pe...

huhu...arini bangun pagi2 je dh mendidih
ni ha laa adek ak 2 org tu xley dkat lgsg..
asek gaduh je...pastu..tgahari tuh ak dh siap masak smua..
aduhhh,,tyme ak nk makan ptg tu..lam kul 2 r..
lauk abes!! can u imagine that???
ergghh,,budak laki ni kalo mkn mmg xde side mirror..
kurang asam,,dh ar ak lap gler lak tuh... grrr..

akhirnya ak wat la keje agak bodo ni..
temankn adik pmpuan ak tgok katun kat tb..
dia kate ade open season, 5.30 ni..
waiting..im waiting... hehee ;))
akhirnya dah x busann lg...

Saturday, June 05, 2010

KEDAH ouh kampungku~

ok,,soon after posting...
next day tuh tros blik kg..p balik kdah...
fmly ak mmg suka gerak awal2 pg ni..so pkul 6.30 pg dh atas jalan..
kitorg ni la kne bgun awal..mandi sejuk gler..hehe;))

after pjalanan yg amek mase 4 jam la,,tmasok stop kat rnr
coz nl p toilet,,coz nk bli buah..coz nk bli cikediz*(mknan ringan)
mmg ak n adik2 panggil mcmtu,,it means keropok,,kekacang,,gula2.. ;))
akhirnya smpai la kami ke bandar bharu,kedah..
actly bukan kdah sgt..seberang sungai je dh parit buntar,perak..
tapi it stated as kedah,,so kedah jela en??

blik kampung ni saje je nk melawat tokwan,,nk tgok2 dia..
yela since tokwa *(nenek) dah pergi menyahut seruan-NYA..
pergh,,tokwan masak tu smbut kitorg...tokwan ni mmg tukang
masak kat knduri kampung tao... (^.^)

tyme blik ni 28.5.2010,,bday si syafiq yg comey..5 years old d..
so mlm tuh kitorg celebrate la bday dia ;))

tyme journey blik rwg,,kitorg stop at kuala kangsar..
p mkan ikan bakar cicah air asam org kuale...
lakse kuale pun kami jamah...fuhh,,terbawak2 bau air asam kat tgn smpai rwg tao!!

Friday, June 04, 2010

there is not so many words to say ;))

ok...firstly..lamenye x blog en??
reason??? broadband slow..malaz menaip..buka laptop pun jarang..
blik umah pnat..bz posting..no mood..mcm2 la..hehehe ;))

ok 27 may arituh last day ak posting...
sonok gler kot..xpayah nk g kje dh hari2 pnat laaa ;(
byk sgt tao kerja kat klinik tu..fuhh..even im a pharmacist but still
i kne ASSIST doctor??? oh my,im not a nursing student..
tapi dh lame kje dh biasa la...
ahhahaha...congratz myself!

disebabkan problem transport from my college ni wat ak tensyen..
so posting sem i decided to stay kat rumah family ;))

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


mcm2 la jadi this lately..

fuuhhh..tension jugak..

sem posting ni dh tgal 2 mgu je..

cm xsdar lak dh nk abes posting..

mase mmg salu laju je en?? sejak bila lak mase nk tgu ko syue oii..

tu r,,dlu punya la merungut study ni pnat la tu la ni laa..

dah poosting pown ak merungut gak kerja ni pnat laa..

patient ramai sgt..tulisan doktor cm cacing kerawet..

karenah bini doctor yg horror..fiil akak staff nurse yg jengkel..

hadoyyy..kalo ak nk merungut boleh pnoh je blog ni..

tgal 2 mgu je lg laa posting ni,,

ak pulak 1 ape pown xstart assignment n report for final presentation..

excuse me..ak mmg plajar cemerlang!! dats y ni style ak..hahaa ;))

ntila,,pkir2 nk wat disease ape...then type2 xpown copy paste je..kui3

Friday, April 02, 2010

yes busy
yes busy
yes busy...

hahaha..tu yg asek2 xon9 je lately...
blik kerja..mkan..tdo...
heehhee..yes very the BUSY ;))

dulu en minat gilaa kat sorg mamat ni..
tiap2 mlm mimpi nk jd girlfren dia..

hehee...dia hensem laa..
lately ni marathon tgok coffee prince..
maka segala laptop dan laen2 brg smua dh ade
gmbar mamat tu..ngeee ;P

Monday, March 29, 2010

life must go on!! chaiyok~

ok..ptama sekali..
al-fatihah..semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas roh nenek..
nenek dh pergi tgalkan kmi semua...
yess..kalo nk dikenang2 xpnah kering air mata...
even now typing ,,i cried~

ok..MOVE ON...
lame x memblog en??
tapi now getting better!!
tidak lupa pada kawan2 yg memberi segala sokongan moral..THANX ;))

fuuhhh..tadi dtg kerja..
pg2 dh suwey wey~~~
ak ni patot dari sg buloh trun kepong sentral..
tapi ak xpaham mende dtg nye tren shuttle..
ak tanye abg KTM dia kata ni la tren yg patot ak naek..
pnoh mangat ak masuk tren,,tapi malang sekali
tren tuh x stop kat destinasi yg ingin ku tuju..
so,,pg2 ak kne wat pengembaraan pulak~~
seb bek ak cmpy gak klinik...tapi ak kje sumpah siput nye mode..
hahaa..slow motion~~

positive syue positive ;))

Monday, March 22, 2010

home SWEET home

home..ouh my!!
i miss youuuu......
mak xde,,mak blik kampung lg..
yes mom..i do miss u..
blik umah ni coz nk sng jmpe mak laa..
tapi tok sakit lg,,so mak jage..xpelaa..
hope everything gonna be fine~

now stay kat umah je..
x stay at cheras dh,,my hostel..
tp nti abes posting goin back cheras jugak..
xpe laa..janji i dah amek teddy..hehhe ;))

to my homie..
sowie larr aritu twos blik sane agkat brg n blah je..
xsempat jumpe korg2..
im too homesick kot (memalukan) -.-"
hehe..plus..things happen all at once so...
mengelakkan stress,i decided to stay kat umah je laa..

Friday, March 19, 2010


pg2 ni blog..
how excited..
goin to off bout 3 days...
blik umah laa...YEAY!!!


no more hostel..menci2..
xsabar nye...
so..3 hari lg bru btemu k mr.bloggy~~

bila rasa gembira...
tepuk tangan..lalalallalaa~~

Tuesday, March 16, 2010




haiz,,pnat laa..*wat kje sket je merungut*
datz what my mom will say..
ye mmg pnat..sgt pnat...

syue : mak,,org malas r nk kje ni..pnat mak..SANGAT...
mak : ko ape je keje yg ko x pnat?
syue : REHAT..xpnat laa..
mak : org mlas cm ko je laa jawab cmtuh..
syue : abes mak rjin ke?? alaa..hari2 pown abah kjut..kui3..
mak : mak laen...xpe laa..t 2 mggu lg blik umah k..tros 2 bulan..

suka *goyang2*


Thursday, March 11, 2010

bahagia..relieved..puas ati babe!!!


masalah pg tadi dh selesai..
smua org kasi hantam itu pompuan..
see!! told ya,,dont mess wit me..
kalo x start dlu..
ak xwat cmni..tapi mencabar kesabaran..
so terjadi la perkara yg malang tuh..


korg smua baek gler!!
support ak gila2..terima kasey~~~


pagi2 dah on9..n tgahari b4 lunch mem'BLOG'..
yess...kerana..ak off day!!!
off day bukan sebab dapat cuti tapi ak kne tgal transport...

so,,ak punye call call call..
sane sini situ...bwu disahkan off today...
dah r kne ganti bila weekend t..
huhu.. ;((
xpelaa..yg pasti enjoy arini cuti...chill..
actly ak kne tgal transport ni ade crite yg membengangkan..
disebalik tabir laa katekan...panas ati gak r...
xpe2..ak bersabar,,pky bju kurung ayu2 ni jgn nk
bukak silat..t rabak bju ni...bia mulut je berkate2..
tupown ayat susun elok2..
tapi..watpe ak nk carut2 kata2 nista kat blog ak en..

so aku nek atas umah...
call abah dlu,,btao ak x g keje,,n bla..bla..bla..ak mengadu
after that mak lak ak call...citer bnda yg same.....

so..tgok2 tgok tgok!!!

dah pky lawa2 ayu2 gitu ha~
tapi kne tgal transport -.-
fuuuuhhhh...fuuuhhhh...ok..nk lunch...
daaa ;))