Friday, June 18, 2010

boys born with maths brain,huh??? -.-'?

“Boys are better than girls in mathematics”; a generally-believed statement. However, there is no scientific evidence to prove it. More boys than girls call mathematics their favorite subject, and statistics show that their grades are higher than girls’. What’s more, boys participate in more extracurricular math activities, such as summer math schools and math competitions. The truth is that more boys than girls claim to like math but, can we assume that this happens because they are “better” at it?

The truth can be found in the following sentence: boys are better at math because they are more fond of the subject. But is there a reason to explain boys’ preferences? Some scientists explain it based on the different functions between the right and left sides of the brain (the right side’s function is higher in males) or based on statistic researches showing that boys have a better understanding of space On the contrary, if a child loses interest in this field because it was never given the right motive to explore it, it is more likely to fail.

According to research, when girls are asked how they feel about mathematics, they reply that:
1. Math is an unknown field for them, so they are afraid of failure;
2. They are not sure of math’s purpose;
3. Math doesn’t fit in the ideal image they have created for themselves;

4. They are not aware of their potential. They don’t feel confident about solving problems;.

p/s: number 2 might be my answer if people asked me.y i hate math.. ;P

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