Thursday, February 18, 2010

make sum noise~ i suppose to goin out wit my brother..
he wanna go shopping~~ i??
tumpang tgok jer...hehe,,got other plan..(nk shopping ngan pojaan hati)
tpi en,,today plan was canceled..coz of my lil sis,,dia fever lak..
tbe2 tao..ntah2 saje je coz frust xdapat ikot both of us..
no,,actually we dont want to let her come along coz she will easily get tired n bla..blaa..blaaa..
so,,mlaz nk take care of her nti~~ (what a sista laa syue ni)

my org sakit je..yelaa..tumpang bubur org dmam

ok laa..dats all i nk borak2..
bubye~ ♥ mwah3

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  1. hahahhahaha~ sowie bgn lmbt sgt~ jgn marah2 k! mwah3~ hehehe


ape? nak komen ye,silakan! :D