Saturday, February 27, 2010


i was thinking of something when i walked to balcony this afternoon.

was thinking of what i shall be thankful for this year. here's my list:

thankful for old friends who have left
thankful for the new friends i met this year
thankful for the more friends i am going to meet next year
thankful for the friends who are leaving, i surely will miss them loads

thankful for all the assignments that are completed, not by my might but with His miracles.
thankful for the relax semester i have now
thankful for the not too good but not too bad result i achieve
thankful for the pray i recite
thankful for all the help i get from friends in completing all the assignments

  • thankful for my family =)

  • thankful for my lovely friends~ ;P

sometimes we should stop and remind ourselves how blessed we are =)
be thankful and then we won't complain much!

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